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Pastors, Principles and Politics?

As I travel in this country, I've noticed a frightening trend. Pastors often avoid certain topics so that they won't appear "too political." Furthermore, they are afraid to even suggest that Christians vote their consciences on these issues or even become informed on how these topics are addressed in the Bible.

This has caused great harm to our country!

God's people should be a moral force for good by voting for leaders who more closely support/uphold a biblical view of topics like abortion, support for Israel, Christian freedom versus socialism, marriage, gender issues, and more...

But are we acting as that moral force for good? The numbers tell us, No! Millions of Christians are politically silent or even vote for people whose views are diametrically opposed to scriptural teachings on these topics. For example, simple math tells us that a massive number of Christians voted for this current administration in the last U.S. presidential election. A quick review of the platform for this administration, tells us that many Christians, (not just unbelievers), therefore voted for political leaders who are:

·       Pro-abortion at all stages of pregnancy.

·       Pro-same-sex-marriage.

·       Pro-transgender legislation and multi-gender programs for children.

·       Anti-Israel and pro-Iranian.

·       History revisionist re. racial equality and unity.

·       Pro-open border policies which endanger our populace.

·       In favor of legalizing pot and enabling the open distribution of other drugs as well.

·       Socialist/Communist, inclusive of the atheistic ideas & financial abuse inherent in these systems.

·       And more….

Why? Why did believers vote this way? I think there are several reasons.

First, we’ve also segmented our lives and separated our faith from our work, our love lives, and even how we vote. Frankly, compartmentalization kills. Instead, our faith and commitment to God’s Word should drive EVERYTHING  we do! That involves a shift in thinking for many American believers. And to those who say, "We should be about the gospel, not politics," I say, "Of course!" But what possessed us to believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ would have us ignore what the scripture says about sexuality, finances, substance abuse, His plans for Israel or any number of other topics? We need to have a theologically wholistic view of life my friends. As the book of James clearly shows, our faith should be demonstrated by all we think, say, or do (See James 2:18-19).

Second, I think many Christians were uninformed about what these leaders stand-for or, these Christians are uninformed about the Bible. Sadly, both are probably true. Now I must clarify that I’m not making a political statement here. I do not belong to a political party, I’m an Independent and have voted for other Independent Conservatives, Republicans, and even Democrats over the years. In fact, I think BEING political and party-focused is what has allowed believers to make mistakes like voting for people opposed to God’s Word.


To clarify further, I think there’s a VAST difference between voting based on principle versus politics, principle versus person/personality, and/or principle versus party.  Christians should be people who vote by principle. They should not simply vote based on superficial political attack ads and strategies. They shouldn’t vote based on personalities such that they vote for the candidate that “seems nicer.” Finally, they should never vote based simply on the party affiliation of the candidate.


No, our decisions in the voting booth need to be based on prayerful principle—looking at the policies of the candidates and picking leaders based on how their policies match biblical truth. We need to do our homework and think things through. Had we done this, I’m convinced that we would not have the socialistic mess we now have in Washington, DC.


Sure, it is possible that people knew some of this and just decided to vote based on what they thought was “the lesser of two evils.” No candidate is perfect—most aren’t even saved. But we need to look at policies and vote by picking the person whose policy priorities most closely match God’s Word. I maintain that this approach would have resulted in a vastly different outcome in 2020. Sadly, I believe that millions of Christians were just biblically and politically ignorant and thus, they voted for a president whose policies diametrically oppose scripture in almost every category.

This is unacceptable!

My appeal in all of this is simple. For the upcoming presidential election, please just look at the policies of the the two candidates and match these against the Bible. No candidate is perfect and there are things to dislike about both of them. But again, we need to vote based on biblical principle. And pastors, please don't be afraid to address what God says about ANY topic, no matter how politically popular or unpopular that may be. Some may still accuse you of being "too political." So be it. Stand on truth and preach the whole counsel of the Word. God will bless you, (and our nation), for this in the long run!

To that end,

Pastor Joel



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