Thanks for visiting our site! Here at the Rissinger Resource Group, we believe that success is the result of positive, lasting change. Our workshops, keynote speeches, books and audio workshops are all designed to facilitate change in people, church congregations, and Christian-owned companies. We're focused on leadership development, communication skills development, and relationship building. Take a look around, visit our affiliate sites, and feel free to contact us to see how we might help you as champions for change!

— Joel Rissinger

Our affiliate organizations:

Corporate Chaplaincy Services

CCS Chaplains are "spiritual cheerleaders" to our corporate clients, their employees, their contractors, and others. We encourage, pray, conduct workshops, coach, visit, and more. Our clients experience decreased absenteeism, increased productivity, a more positive work environment and more!

As a long time pastor and church planter, Pastor Joel has a passion for churches. The goal of Joel Rissinger Ministries, (JRM), is to help Pastors and Church leaders foster healthy doctrinal, structural, and missional change in their congregations. Joel's book, "The Crucified Church," was written for this purpose. A subset of this is to facilitate marriage enrichment via the book, "The Crucified Couple." This book and its corresponding workshop use the biblical model of Christ and His Church, including healthy church structure, to help couples grow and succeed through sacrifice in their relationship.

Our mission at Whole 4 Life is to help individuals discover and develop their Passion, Person, Perceptions, and Power (Heart, Soul, Mind & Strength). Through the book, our W4L training program, and several of John Maxwell's personal development programs, we help individuals grow and attain their full potential.