The older I get, the more legacy matters to me. I hope it's not

just an ego trip, but rather to leave behind something that matters and thus, will last. As a servant of Christ, I want His name, gospel, and values to be understood and lived-out by people I've had to inf...

I was reading the story of Sampson's parents this morning in

Judges 13 and I was struck with this question:

"What's it gonna take for people to believe?"

God does and has done so much for us and has provided so many miracles and proofs of His existence, mercy, love and p...

As an early Mother's Day gift, I bought my wife a "squirrel-

proof" bird feeder. The design was truly ingenious. The feeder was a rectangular box with multiple feeding stations--essentially, little holes for seed to drop into next to perches. The seed was gravity fed in...

Recently, I've started producing 60 second "Ministry Minute"

videos and posting them on Facebook, Youtube, and elsewhere. I love doing them, but wonder whether a minute is, well, too mi-nute to matter when it comes to the deeper truths of God's Word, the Bible.

The ratio...

April 11, 2020

Matthew 27:25 And all the people answered and said,   

"His blood be on us and on our children.”

Sometimes in our efforts to be "politically correct," or "woke," we create more problems and totally miss the truth. In my opinion, this has never been m...

It was the summer of 1983. I was skinny then, only 21 years old...and so excited to be part of what was a historic trip for our little college and our denomination as well.

A small group of us was sent to Beijing China to study Chinese at Beijing University. While we kn...

Sometimes, just being lucky in the moment can define you in the

eyes of others. You know, those snapshots of something great done or said that goes viral and makes even the most unlikely among us into heroes.

Like the time I just happened to catch a run-away grocery car...

January 12, 2020

Luke 8:4-15 tells us, "One day Jesus told a story in the form of a parable to a large crowd that had gathered from many towns to hear him: 5 “A farmer went out to plant his seed. As he scattered it across his field, some seed fell on a footpath, where it was stepped on...

January 7, 2020

I was on vacation in VT with my family when I had a dream

which ended in pain. I dreamed I was a spy during WW2 in Germany. At one point, Nazi soldiers were chasing me and I dove off the road into a deep, dark ditch, hoping to hide.

When I dove, I floated—almost like I...

December 12, 2019

My wife Karen and I were asked to play Joseph and Mary in

our Church’s Christmas Musical. We dressed in period-appropriate garb, robes, sandals, etc., and carried the "Baby Jesus" doll wrapped in a blanket to the manger. We did all this while singing, “Silent Night” wit...

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