Just the Facts...Just the Facts

The problem with flawed premises is that they lead to flawed or failed results.... I sat through a presentation recently by someone I respect, but struggled throughout it. Much of the content was good and true, but it was based on two flawed premises such that it made it hard for me to focus and receive the good which was being shared. One premise was that all world wars are based on religion. I’ve heard this many times before. Unfortunately, it’s just not true. The following is just a partial list of wars based on something else entirely: WWI WWII Vietnam Korea Kuwait Revolutionary War War of 1812 Us Civil War French & Indian War Napoleonic Wars Chinese Civil Wars Namibian War of Independen

Finding God in Basketball

I’m amazed at how God will and does use anything to draw men to Himself. In my case, he used a family in a church which had many cult-like teachings. I’m not saying he drew me into a cult. Actually, my family was already involved. He used a loving family in that church to interest me in prayer, the Bible, etc. Yet, even that wasn’t the means. No, actually, he used basketball…and, well, some very pretty cheerleaders. You see, our denomination had a youth basketball league. The family I mentioned was very involved and convinced me to play ball on the team. What their son used to entice me was to point out that the cheer-leading squad made the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders look second rate. I sign

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