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Finding God in Basketball

I’m amazed at how God will and does use anything to draw

men to Himself. In my case, he used a family in a church which had many cult-like teachings. I’m not saying he drew me into a cult. Actually, my family was already involved. He used a loving family in that church to interest me in prayer, the Bible, etc.

Yet, even that wasn’t the means.

No, actually, he used basketball…and, well, some very pretty cheerleaders.

You see, our denomination had a youth basketball league. The family I mentioned was very involved and convinced me to play ball on the team. What their son used to entice me was to point out that the cheer-leading squad made the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders look second rate.

I signed up!

Enter God...

After several months of playing on the team and being genuinely loved by all of those involved, I remember getting down on my knees next to my bed in our mobile home near Gainsville, NY. I remember folding my hands and praying, “God…what’s up with these people. They love me even though I’m a jerk sometimes. I this is you…if you’re real and this book is yours—please show me.”

And the rest…is history!

Now, I realize there are two general groups of people reading this post:

1. Those who already have a personal connection with God.

2. Those who don't.

I've written a book for both groups...

A couple of years ago, I was moved to create a road map for folks seeking to take the next step in their spiritual journey. Everyone I've ever asked will admit that they're on a spiritual journey. Even atheists will say "yes," to this question.

But how do we intentionally move forward in that process?

My book, "Waling to...& With, Jesus" is designed to answer that question. It's a tool to help people assess where they are in their spiritual growth and then move forward. If you have a connection with God, the second half of the book will help you grow. If you don't have that connection, the first half of the book will share some steps to make that happen.

You can learn more about the book by visiting our RESOURCES page or by contacting us using our contact tab. We wish you the best on your journey...whether it involves cheer-leaders and basketball...or not.


Pastor Joel

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