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Moments in Time...Moments that Define

Sometimes, just being lucky in the moment can define you in the

eyes of others. You know, those snapshots of something great done or said that goes viral and makes even the most unlikely among us into heroes.

Like the time I just happened to catch a run-away grocery carriage headed down a hill and my friends thought I had superpowers. Or, when I was older, and shot a partridge a split second before he disappeared into a pine grove and my father-in-law thought I was some kind of crack shot or championship hunter.

On the flip-side, negative actions can also define us in an instant. Failure to stop to help someone on the highway seconds before their vehicle bursts into flames. A word spoken harshly moments before learning the truth that would have changed your opinion. Any of these things can put us in a bad light--perhaps permanently in the eyes of others.

There is no iron-clad method to guarantee access of those lucky positive moments. Neither can we always avoid the negative moments that can define. Still, living a life of dedication to the way of our Lord Jesus can increase the likelihood of accessing the one while avoiding many of the other.

So, walk with the King. Seek to obey Him. And may your defining moments be blessed!

In that end,

Pastor Joel

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