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Face-Plant Dream

I was on vacation in VT with my family when I had a dream

which ended in pain. I dreamed I was a spy during WW2 in Germany. At one point, Nazi soldiers were chasing me and I dove off the road into a deep, dark ditch, hoping to hide.

When I dove, I floated—almost like I could fly—and was soaring toward some bushes in the ditch where I could hide...


I woke up with severe pain in my face and head on the floor next to the bed in my friend’s cabin. I had apparently fallen out of bed and whacked my head on the nightstand. The Nazi’s didn’t get me, but I was in pain nonetheless….

The moral of the story?

Sometimes our dreams end-up as face-plants.

Now while it's funny, I KNOW that isn't very encouraging. Still, it's true. Some of the "best made plans of mice and men" end in abject failure. It can be so devastating that we give-up trying to pursue our dreams. Yet, that would be devastating.

A better option would be to use what I like to call the "Proverbs 3:5-6" formula...

Proverbs three tells us to:

1. Trust in the Lord with all of our heart.

2. Refuse to lean on our own understanding, experience, etc.

3. Acknowledge God in everything through prayer.

And the promise is that He will direct or make straight our paths.

Looking at this formula, it seems that many times those first three steps are ignored. Instead of taking these 3 steps, we just dream up something and begin chasing it. Some of these "dreams" may work-out/come true. Others will fail. The good news with Proverbs 3 is that THESE dreams will succeed because they are born out of our relationship with God.

So, avoid face-plants...use the Proverbs 3 formula and fly, fly, fly!!

To that end,

Pastor Joel

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