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A Break...Without Brakes

We were camping in Rhode Island when the Brake System

warning light came on in my truck. I put in some brake fluid and the light went off. So, I knew I had a leak, but assumed all was now well. We hitched-up the trailer and drove an hour and a half to get home.

I left the truck at the shop for service. I asked them to do an oil change and to check on the brake line leak. “You dodged a bullet,” the mechanic told me later, “You could have hit a small pothole and this whole braking system would have failed. The lines were so torn that all the fluid would have rushed out and you likely would have been unable to stop."

This made me many other bullets have I dodged without knowing the danger I was in? How many times has an angel protected me and I was oblivious to it all? Psalm 91:11 says, "For he will order his angels to protect you wherever you go (NLT)." I'll bet there have been hundreds of times when I've been spared and I don't know even know it.

The same is true for you. The "break with no brakes" incident caused me to thank God profusely. Not just for this time, but EVERY time He has intervened on my behalf. We often focus on what we don't have or the times when He DIDN'T answer the way we wanted Him to. My challenge for you today is to thank him for the blessings you HAVEN'T been aware of--for they are no doubt, many!

To that end,

Pastor Joel

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