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My Electronic Albatross...

Medicare and corporate hospice organizations require massive

documentation of care for each visit to every patient. To accomplish this, many use software on a tablet or cell phone. Honestly, it takes about a minute of documenting for every minute of visitation.

Furthermore, most of the software features aren’t conducive to chaplain issues. For example, it prompts chaplains to enter vital signs--something we're not even allowed to measure, let alone report on.

All of this makes it take longer for chaplains to document each visit. What should have been a tool to make us more productive turned into a hindrance to our work. Thus, I’ve dubbed it, my electronic albatross.

Most of us can relate. We all have tools--especially technology-related tools--which are SUPPOSED to help us, but actually slow us down. Sometimes the supposed "wonders of modern technology," become the "blunders of modern technology" instead.

Still, this problem doesn't just exist in the world of electronic devices, cell phones, or computers. Sometimes we have developed programs, procedures or habits that hold us back. Initially, they may have been good--even helpful. Still, things have change while these "albatrosses" have not, so while outdated and counter-productive, they continue to be used.

There are many reasons for this. We may be comfortable with these things so don't want to lose them. Or, it just may be the fear of change that causes us to hang-on to these outdated methods. Whatever the reason, it makes no sense to continue with them. We must replace them or our effectiveness will continue to wane and eventually, discouragement and failure will be the result.

My book, "Champion That Change!" discusses steps we can take to walk away from outdated programs, habits, devices, etc. To learn more about the book, CLICK HERE. My prayer for you is that you'll cut-loose from the albatrosses that hold you back and walk in productive freedom!

To that end,

Pastor Joel

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