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Back-up Singer for Jesus

I’ve sung in choirs, quartets, and even duets for years. My favorite

role is singing harmony for a strong lead singer. Solos, on the other hand, are a different matter. I find my voice cracks or I waver—perhaps even going off-key when asked to sing solo.

I know it’s probably psychological to some degree. Still, I like backing-up others. I’ve noticed the same thing in ministry or other situations as well. I like being second-in-charge with a strong leader I can support. This isn’t a place of glamour or prestige…still…it’s comfortable and often fun.

As I was preparing this blog, it occurred to me that we all act as back-up singers for Jesus. That is, He is the lead. We simply watch, listen, and harmonize with his clear, strong, beautiful voice. It's when we step in front of Him or try to take the spotlight that we falter.

Also, if we step off the stage or hide in the background, we are just as guilty. He wants us with Him--singing the same song and accomplishing the same things. That's the balance--not leading or hiding, just singing alongside the Master. Sounds like a good plan eh?

Let's do that....better each day.....

To that end,

Pastor Joel

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