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If You Knew When You'll Die....

In hospice chaplaincy circles, stories abound of people who “knew”

when they would die. Doctors, nurses, social workers, and other clinical professionals admit that they have NO idea when a terminal patient will, well, you know—terminate.

Still, many dying patients DO seem to know, at least within a day or two. And, they often tell their families in advance. One I know recently told her family a week before her birthday that she wouldn’t be with them for that birthday. She died about a day beforehand.

It seems God let's some folks know so they can prepare. I'm not sure why He does that--but I've seen it.

The question then before us is, what WOULD you do if you knew you had just a few more days left? Who would you call? Where and how would you spend your time? What would you do or say differently than "normal?"

The answers to these questions could literally change your life. The priorities and the emphasis you'd experience might be the VERY things God would have you focus on if you were to live for years, not just for days.

And, I'll bet they'd be the best years of your life..... I'm game to try about you?

To THAT "end,"

Pastor Joel

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