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The Unknown Christian...

Throughout my career, I’ve had stints where I’ve been bi-vocational. During one such time, I worked selling office equipment

to schools and government sites. I didn’t broadcast to the staff at my company, or to my clients, that I was a part-time pastor. In fact, I tried to just blend in as “one of the guys,” so as to not make anyone feel uncomfortable. Like the famous "Unknown Comic," I was the "Unknown Christian."

Interestingly, one day as I was stopping by the office to drop-off some paperwork, one of my fellow salesmen said, “Hey—aren’t you some kind of preacher or something?” “Well, er, yes…yes I am,” I replied. “Well, my marriage is on the rocks and I need help,” he continued. I was surprised…but guess my light must have been shining despite my efforts to hide it.

Over the years, I've taught classes on evangelism on several occasions. We always talk about trying to be a witness, inviting friends to church, and sharing our testimony. Still, one thing my sales story illustrates is that, whether or not we realize it, we're always a witness--even when we're trying to hide.

If we're walking with the Lord, or at least attempting to, people will see and sense it. This makes it critical that we guard our words and our actions appropriately. If people are watching and noticing our Christianity even when we think we're invisible, they will see how we live--good, bad, etc. We literally are "on display" 24/7.

I would add here that our witness doesn't have to be perfect. In fact, how we handle our own mistakes can be a good witness too. Do we confess and try to change? Or, do we cover-up, justify ourselves, or blame others? The right approach to our own wrongs can make a world of difference.

So remember Christian--you can't hide. You are being watched--use it for good and to help others come to know God through our Lord Jesus.

To that end,

Pastor Joel

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