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Karen's Elevator Angel...and YOU!

When my wife was younger, she had a few encounters with angelic

protection. Once, she entered an elevator in a high rise apartment building only to be attacked by a man who had boarded immediately after she did.

She shouted, “No!” and tried to push him away. Still, even SHE was shocked when he didn’t just back up a step or two, but instead, he FLEW across the elevator and slammed into the wall. His eyes as big as softballs, he seemed stuck against that wall until the doors opened and Karen slipped away.

The man was terrified and Karen was shocked to witness what seemed to be the unseen force of an angel protecting her.

The Bible speaks of angels and our possible contact with them without being aware of their presence or identity (Heb. 13:2, etc.). That tells us that there may be MANY times when we are protected and don't even know it. What a blessing! Furthermore, shouldn't this knowledge encourage us, even when we're having a "bad day?" Despite what we're going through, how many times have we been rescued or helped or aided and we didn't even notice!?

So take heart! You're not alone! God's got your back and you should enjoy every moment!

To that end,

Pastor Joel

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