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Flying Blind and Drumming Deaf

I remember the first time I played drums in a sound cage. I was

completely surrounded by sound proof panels, even above my head. I'm sure the cage worked...because...I couldn't hear a thing!

The problem with these things isn’t the benefit of muffling the drums so as to not overwhelm the audience. The problem is that without proper headset speakers, the drummer is also unable to hear as well—in this case not at all. I remember that since we didn’t have headset monitors, I couldn’t hear the rest of the band and had to watch the keyboard player’s foot tapping to be sure that we were all in sync. It was VERY challenging and kind of scary too!

I lot of Christians are like I was that day...flying blind or at least drumming deaf.

What I mean is that many of us try to play through life without really hearing from God and then wonder why we seem so out of line and so far from His Will. We don't spend time in His Word and in prayer. If and when we do pray, we don't listen quietly in His presence--choosing rather to talk on and on and on hoping to convince God to do this or that. Not hearing from the Bible or sensing His voice in the spirit--we're flying blind and drumming deaf.

The solution is simple. Stop. Quite yourself. Listen. Read the scripture. Pray for guidance. Listen quietly in the spirit. He speaks...and when we hear Him...we can move forward in sync with Him and thus on a path to real success!

To that end,

Pastor Joel

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