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What a Wife!

I had to leave home for an African mission trip a day early due

to the threat of a snow storm. It was a crazy, hectic day, but thanks to my wife Karen, it actually turned-out great!

My beautiful bride did laundry, helped me pack, made me breakfast and sent me off with tons of love and kisses. I didn’t want to leave, but know that I want to do God’s work wherever the door opens. Karen made it so easy to get everything done and leave without being stressed-out.

Thank you Jesus for such an awesome wife!

I know some consider it old fashioned, but I love Proverbs 31. As much as I recognize my wife's success as a professional and her equal spiritual status before God, (see Gal. 3:28), I appreciate her role as wife, mother, and grandmother to our family. She personifies the woman described and prescribed to the king in Proverbs 31:10-31.

I'm not ashamed to say this.

In fact, I think its a shame that more men and women feel embarrassed to look at this text as a model. What's wrong with being BOTH an accomplished professional working woman (as the Prov. 31 wife was with regard to real estate and other business), while STILL being the one who cares for and manages her household well???!

I think it's time to recapture a vision for and appreciation of wives who truly are partners, better halves, and helpers of their husbands.

Here's to the Proverbs 31 Women!



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