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Why You DO...the Things You Do!

Most people have some behavior they're trying to change. It might be

overeating, sexual sin, or some other issue. The problem is--we're often tackling the wrong problem!

The real problem may be much deeper than just learning to modify what you do or don't do.

Missions gurus explain worldview as the underlying perspective or paradigm that shapes all that we do. Still, most would agree that there's a process or a series of layers that ultimately result in behavior or action! One instructor I had said that it looks like this:

Worldview determines--beliefs which determine--values which then lead to--behavior. As scripture tells us, "As (a man) thinks in his heart, so is he...(Prov. 23:7)."

So, as missionaries have often learned the hard way, if you focus on changing behaviors without dealing with people's underlying worldview, any transformation you see will be at most, temporary. You have to deal with either a worldview change or a communication of truth and beliefs from scripture that won't be deleted or twisted by that worldview.

The same can work for you and I. The best way to have a worldview that leads to healthy beliefs which will inform positive values and thus lead to good behavior is to read and internalize the Bible. Chuck Coleson has written many materials to help people develop a biblical worldview (see Spending time in the Word of God helps create a perspective on life that will lead to good behavior if we let it!

So, when our behavior is bad, I encourage a question of what we truly believe. Sometimes, we believe lies right along side contradictory truths. The lies must be rejected and the truth must be affirmed. Again, the Bible is the key or foundation for this.

So...the next time you're struggling with a sin or behavioral problem ask, "What is it that I believe that is causing this?" Starting this way versus just trying to change what we do will often lead to success!

To that end,

Pastor Joel

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