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Faking Calm When the Elevator Quits

When my daughter was little, I took her on a company-paid trip to the Bahamas. My wife had to work and I had won a trip as a sales incentive, so Shelly and Daddy hit the road together. It was fun. We built lots of great memories until the day the elevator broke.

Actually, that was a good day also, but it started on a scary note. The elevator had been acting funny for a couple of days when suddenly, it stopped between floors. We waited and buzzed the buzzer, but to no avail.

Despite my fervent prayers, I felt claustrophobia setting in. Still, I tried to remain calm to keep my daughter from freaking-out. After a few minutes, I pushed the door open to see where we were and noticed that the floor we were supposed to get off at was about a quarter to half way up the elevator door. In other words, we were almost there, but not quite.

After prying the door open the rest of the way, I lifted Shelly up onto the floor and then clamored up myself. Needless to say, we took the stairs for the rest of our trip.

Life Lessons from Elevators

More than once in my lifetime, I've had to pretend to be calm while I was screaming like a maniac on the inside. I've also been told that MY elevator "doesn't go all the way to the top floor," but that's a different blog post. :)

Ever been there? You know, that place where you're scared to death internally, but holding it together externally?

I used to struggle with the question of whether or not this was dishonest, but not any more. I realize that my outward expressions and my words are for the benefit of others. If I project calm assurance, they'll feel peace. If I don't...well, you know....

So what do I do with those inner fears?

The short answer is to give them to God. Prayer is key! Still, God make us as creatures of action too. Taking those fears, and using them as motivators to act in love not only assuages the produces good too. Climbing out of the elevator was more fun and did more for us than sitting there in a panic.

John tells us that "perfect love casts out fear (I John 4:18)." I shout "AMEN!" to that. Still, I've noted that the WAY in which God has his out-flowing love cast out fear is to use it to promote action--things we do/implement that turn the situation around.

So...what "elevators" are you sitting in. And, while looking calm and collected on the inside, how might you let the stirring of concern inside you MOVE you to act with God's love being your guide?

It's worth thinking about...

To that end,

Pastor Joel

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