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Your Personal Sanctuary

One of my favorite childhood memories goes back to when I was only 3-4 years old. I used to get up, grab a blanket, and curl-up next to the shower tub while my dad was having a hot morning shower.

We had a space heater in the bathroom so I’d have that on one side of me and the steam from the shower on the other. Wrapped in the blanket, I felt warm, safe, secure…it was awesome. Sometimes, I’d fall asleep again only to wake up when my Dad shut off the water.

It was a safe place, a secure place, a place where I felt close to my Father. Interestingly, I now find that when I'm stressed or worried, the shower is my personal sanctuary. It's where I instinctively go to pray and listen for God's voice. Just as with my physical father, it's a place where I feel close to my heavenly Father.

YOUR Special Place

So...where is YOUR personal sanctuary?

I think its healthy and helpful for Christians to have a place--a private, special place where they meet with God on a daily basis. There's something about having a regular and consistent worship room in your home or apartment.

My advice is that you find that place and use it every day. Once you establish that place, I believe you'll find that it's easier to be consistent in prayer, Bible Study, etc.

To that end,

Pastor Joel

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