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Pain & Purpose

I loved coaching girl’s volleyball for our Church youth program "back in the day." I had some awesome players over the years. I learned a few “tricks” too re. motivating and caring for athletes...and others too.

Once, one of my star hitters went up for a block and took a spike straight down on her ring finger. The finger dislocated and she screamed in pain. I called time out and the girls all huddled around her as she groaned in agony.

I walked up and took her hand in my left hand so I could hold the damaged finger in my right. “Tell me what happened,” I said knowing that her focus on the play would distract her from the pain and from what I was about to do. “Well,” she started, “I saw number 11 go up for the spike and I…” I snapped the finger out and in place with one quick jerking move. “Ahhh…ohhh…mmmm…wow…that feels better,” she said.

You OK now,” I asked, “Yes coach, can I stay in?” she replied. “Of course--now LET'S GO!!"

It's amazing how pain can be mitigated by purpose. Focusing on the game and her part in it made Stacy completely forget about how much her dislocated finger hurt. It also allowed me to pop it back in place and thus bring healing.

God's Use of Purpose

I've noticed that God often does the same thing with me...others too.

When I'm hurting or stressed or sad, etc., God will often refocus me on my calling and the work He's laid before me. Focusing on that often allows me to move ahead in less pain while HE heals what was broken.

Amazing huh...what an awesome God we serve!

In Jesus,

Pastor Joel

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