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Something...About...That Name!

We recently took a cruise to Bermuda to conduct a destination wedding. It was beautiful. Still, perhaps one of the most memorable parts of the trip was our connection to, “Big Poppa.”

Les Getrex, or “Big Poppa,” as he’s called, is an incredible New Orleans Jazz singer and musician performing on the Norwegian Cruise lines. He and his band entertained us many nights on our journey and we made a connection.

You see, it seems that “Big Poppa,” is a Christian. When he found out that I was a pastor and that we were doing a wedding, he was overjoyed. He shared with us that he used to do more gospel music on the ship, but was told to stop since, "It would offend non-believers." “Still,” he said, “I do it sometimes anyway if I feel the Lord leading me.” “You should,” we encouraged him, “God will use you.”

After that conversation, “Big Poppa” did several gospel hits. In fact, on the last night of our cruise, he even did “There’s Something About That Name,” which repeats the name of Jesus multiple times. Sadly, some people walked out during the song, but most stayed, cheered, and shouted, “Amen!” It was an awesome moment—an emotional moment for all of us, especially “Big Poppa.”

Our experience made me think. How many times have I felt "beaten down" by the world, afraid or even just discouraged, such that I quit being open about my relationship with Christ?

Too many.

With just a word of prayerful encouragement, "Big Poppa," shared a powerful musical witness that "brought the house down." What impact might you and I have if we just pushed through the layer of fear placed on us by an anti-Christian culture?

So let me pray for and encourage you today. Talk openly about your trust in the one who died for us all. Don't be pushy or obnoxious--just be open about your Lord. Let Jesus be honored in your speech today.

Who knows--there might be an audience of folks just waiting to learn that there really IS "Something...about...that name!!"


Pastor Joel

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