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An End...or a Beginning?

It was the end of an era.

I remember coming home from school to find my best friend, my dog Ginger, lying dead in the front yard. She’d been hit by a car and the driver apparently had moved her off the road and left her for us to find. As her owner, it was my job to bury her.

She had been an awesome dog. I hunted with her. She slept in my bed almost every night. She played with and followed me everywhere. She even defended me against a rogue shepherd who threatened us once while hunting along the creek bed behind our property. She was half his size, but she lit into him and sent him racing home crying and whining all the way.

I cried. I mourned for Ginger, but I also realized it was the end of a season of life for me. I was a senior in high school and would soon leave to go to school in California. Everything was changing so burying Ginger was like burying a part of my life.

Still, I was, at the same time, starting a new chapter. And that was exciting ..

I've come to believe that the end of every good thing is the start of another. This isn't always obvious and may take some time and thought to recognize, however, it's true. The best way to approach a loss, a disappointment, a major change of plans, etc.; is to look for the new doors opening.

They always, that is...they always do. No matter what loss or change your coping with now, here's to your ability to find them and walk right through the new door yet ahead. If I can help, don't hesitate to call, email, or message me.


Pastor Joel

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