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Stubborn Bellies & Strong Christians


I’ve often joked with my family that when I die, they should dig me

up 10 years later to see if my stomach is still there. I’ve lost 50-60 pounds on a couple of occasions and, while my face and other body parts get smaller/thinner, the gut is the last thing to go.


Oh, I’ll lose a couple of inches, but I’ve got pictures of myself looking like I had just escaped from a horrific labor camp—all except for the stubborn belly fat that just holds on…no matter what!


I wish other parts of me--and of my character--were just as stubborn...don't you?


Perhaps that stubborn belly fat contains some life lessons for's my best shot at identifying a few:


1. Store up what you need in the prosperous times so you'll still be there during the lean times.  I'm told our bodies do this--sometimes even more so when we're dieting/fasting--so that we'll have the fat to live-off if we need it.  Perhaps its this saving mindset that works and could work for us when it comes to money, investing time in our families, and even time/devotions with God. 


2. Make up your mind NOT to be affected by sudden fads and changes. My stomach is unscathed when I starve myself of try the latest diet fad. It's as if it has thought-through the potential hardships and prepared mentally not to lose an ounce without a fight!


3. Don't worry about what others think/say...just hang in there and keep doing what your doing. My belly has never been offended or shifted course because someone else didn't like it. Not a bad philosophy I'd say...


4. If you must change, do so slowly to make sure it's good and to make sure it lasts.


These belly fat tips are just that--tips. Still, it's my wish that you and I both can be "stubborn" in the places that count and make a positive difference in our lives and the lives of those we care for.


To that end,



Pastor Joel






























In some ways, I wish other aspects of my life and character were as persistent or stubborn.....

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