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What "Floats YOUR Boat?"

I remember visiting my Father in law in Canada and having a "boating mishap." We were launching the boat at the lake and it seemed to be taking on water. We bailed and bailed and bailed...only to find that we weren't keeping up with what seemed like a significant leak.

We pulled it back up on shore and found the problem. It wasn't a was an error. We had left the plug out at the back of the boat near the outboard motor. It floated much better once we put that plug back in. We felt silly, but relieved that it wasn't something more serious.

I was thinking about this recently because of the expression, "What floats your boat?" We ask this of people to find out what motivates them to take action or get involved. The answer to this question is very telling and helpful in understanding someone's priorities, passion, etc.

In our case, the lack of a plug sunk our boat...the plug was what floated it. The real question for some is, "What's your plug?!"

Christian Priorities/"Plugs"

I'm often saddened by what many Christians find important. Instead of getting excited about what excites Christ, they have other priorities. Jesus is thrilled about new people attending church, people being saved, people being baptized, kids being excited about Christ and Church, God's people serving in the community, etc., (See Matthew 28:19-20, Acts 1:8, etc.).

All too often however, Christians are more concerned with personal needs/wants. The music at church, the appearance of the building, their own personal preferences re. service times/formats, and other things dominate their focus. They will choose a church or leave a church based on these things despite the presence of the things God values. In essence, selfishness rules and service or sacrifice for the sake of the gospel is non-existent.

It just doesn't "float their boat."

I pray for me and you as a reader that our "plug" would be the priorities of Christ. If people are being saved, built-up, blessed, transformed, and engaged in service and ministry--we're energized and thrilled. Our "boat" would be floating. We look for a way to contribute to this instead of running somewhere else because we like the style of music or the color of the carpeting.

My prayer is that we would pray for God's priorities to dominate...for His interests to be hours and thus to plug the leak in our lives!

To that end,

Pastor Joel

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