My dog Koda and I walked around the corner along a row of trees and bushes on the edge of

our property. As we made the turn, we were surprised to see a man with a step ladder helping himself to the black berries on one of our bushes.

My first reaction was visceral. “Who...

My dog Koda is 95 pounds of furry love. He's great with kids,

other animals, and of course yours' truly. I've taken him along on many chaplain visits to nursing homes and he's a real hit.

In fact, now when I go without him they complain--"Where's your dog." I think I c...

There comes a time in every man’s life when he realizes he “just doesn’t have it anymore.” By

 “it,” I mean that drive, effectiveness, zip, passion, sharpness, or ability he used to have. It may manifest in different ways, but the common ground is the realization that...

A friend of mine use to love to repeat this somewhat less-than-impressive statement: 

“Encouragement…must be encourage-ing…to the one needing to be…encouraged.”

As much as he annoyed me, I had to admit that after thinking about it, this statement WAS, in fact, profound!


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