I remember hearing Paul Harvey present an audio essay entitled, "If

I Were the Devil." It was fantastic. Never to compete with such a legend, I'd still like to take a shot at my own version of this--in the context of the modern church...

If I were the Devil:

* I'd convin...

I recently had a hospice patient die. This isn’t unusual. In fact it’s a

daily occurrence since I personally serve about 50 patients at any given time—all of whom are terminally ill.

What made this patient different is that I had grown amazingly close to him and his fami...

People loved sending me audio links to the Toto Song with the line,

“I bless the rain down in Africa,” following my recent trip. After a drought lasting over 4 months, we prayed for rain and it came.

This is the second time we’ve seen God intervene with rain during one...

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