When I was about 16, I played in a Youth Basketball league. Our team

was pretty good and that year, we were on our way to a Tri-Regional championship tournament when I came down with a case of walking pneumonia.  Now the thing about walking pneumonia is…you’re still wa...

One of the fine arts of teaching in African countries is what I call

 “Preaching with Chickens (PWC).” PWC is the art of staying focused on your message when in a remote village surrounded by many distractions. 

In the bush, there are children, snakes, dogs, and yes...

If there's one thing I've learned in my 56 years on this planet it's this: 

HUMAN BEINGS LOVE TO COMPLAIN!  Sometimes, we revel in being downright miserable. In fact, we'll even create things to be upset about just so we can then vent to someone!

Sadly, while they're su...

When I sold IT software and hardware the running joke around the office was,

“Let him describe it, but don’t let him TOUCH it!” I had an uncanny knack of blowing up our products so they wouldn’t work the way they were supposed to.

Once, after pulling in some high-rankin...

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