December 18, 2017

When my daughter was little, I took her on a company-paid trip to the Bahamas. My wife had to work and I had won a trip as a sales incentive, so Shelly and Daddy hit the road together. It was fun. We built lots of great memories until the day the elevator broke.


December 11, 2017

As kids, we loved the local carnival. It came to town once a year in July and it

was a true highlight in our lives. It had all the classic rides and attractions including a house of mirrors. I remember the house of mirrors because one day I decided to harass my cousin W...

December 7, 2017

I remember visiting my Father in law in Canada and having a "boating mishap." We were launching the boat at the lake and it seemed to be taking on water. We bailed and bailed and bailed...only to find that we weren't keeping up with what seemed like a significant leak....

December 5, 2017

An annual source of neighborhood entertainment, my exterior

decorating ritual is a laugh a minute.

Neighbors line up chairs or just peer through their living room windows to see me hang off the ladder, sometimes fall off the ladder, get tangled in chords, etc. Of course...

December 1, 2017

One of my favorite childhood memories goes back to when I was only 3-4 years old. I used to get up, grab a blanket, and curl-up next to the shower tub while my dad was having a hot morning shower.

We had a space heater in the bathroom so I’d have that on one side of me...

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