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April 26, 2020

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Unseen Protection

September 11, 2017


During our recent cruise and destination wedding trip, it became clear soon after leaving port in NY that we were traveling straight toward a hurricane/tropical storm moving up the coast from the Eastern Caribbean. Our captain steered us around it such that we really never felt a thing. In fact, I didn’t learn of the maneuver or how close we had come to it until we were on our way home. 


Later we learned that a transformer had blown-up in our front yard and we returned home to find the front quarter of our lawn torn-up where work crews had dug up the old one and replaced it. No trees were damaged and our house was untouched.


All this made me think—“How often have I dodged disaster by God’s grace and never knew it?” God is good…all the time…even when I’m clueless about how much danger I’m in!



Thankful for the Unknown


I want to be more thankful for the unseen hand of God. I think that if I learn to be appreciative and give Him praise for the times He has intervened without me knowing, I might have a more generally more positive, faithful, and hope-filled existence.


And honestly, it's just the right thing to do since I bet there are several times a day when God works on my behalf--with or without my awareness.


Thank you Lord! 


I'll bet this is true of all of us so...let's try this together! Take a minute right now and tell God "Thank you" for the times He has spared or blessed you without revealing his hand or taking credit per se.


I think you'll be glad you did...



Pastor Joel

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